Tuesday, December 12, 2006

How To Survive The Works Christmas Party

Are you going to your works Christmas Party this year? Are you worried that you might do something which you may later regret when under the influence of alcohol? I am attending my own companies Christmas party next week and after having been to a number of these events in the past, I have a number of ideas of what to do and what not to do, ideas of which I will be writing about in this article.
I have witnessed some crazy things at previous Christmas parties that I have attended, from people getting drunk and hitting the boss, to other people attempting to chat up the boss. These may seem quite funny when looking back but at the time they were far from this. The weeks and months after these parties were less than comfortable for the people involved. The excuse of being drunk was not enough and the careers of the people at the companies involved were basically over from that point.
The Christmas party is a no win situation for the employees. If you keep too quiet you can be seen as boring and as not being a team player. If you drink too much you can be seen as an alcoholic and like some sort of rogue.
I have learned that to have a few drinks is fine but that it is important to take it easy on the alcohol, so as to not become too drunk. I would aim to drink about half the amount that I would on a normal night out.
The later the night gets the more likely it becomes of people doing something silly. My next idea is to leave the party as early as possible but without telling anybody. When people ask where and why you went, I would say that there was a crisis at home. People probably will not even remember that you left early as they are more likely to be talking about the people who did make fools out of themselves.
My next tip is to think twice before saying anything to your boss. Before speaking ask yourself a question, will what I am about to say get me into any kind of strife?
If you follow these snippets of advice I am sure you will enjoy your Christmas party and will not have any reason to have regrets.