Friday, December 22, 2006

Sales Advice From An 8-Year Old

I was driving my 8-year old niece and her little friend to a birthday party the other day.

They were chatting (as little girls do) about dogs, their dolls, world peace and what they would do if they were the head of the country (I kid you not!)

Keegan was telling us how she had recently sold her Barbie doll collection in the classified section of the newspaper. She said she had sold it for $100 even though she thought it was worth $500.

I asked her."Why did you sell it for such a good price?"

She said...

"Customers don't want to buy greedy things from greedy people"

You know what I was doing of course...I pulled the car over so I could find a piece of scrap paper and a pen to write her quote down!

Are There Some "Greedy Gum-Drop" Areas In Your Business?

As Keegan, our 8-year old marketing genius identified, customers quickly grow tired of people who continually seem to be after the quick buck.

Most business owners or sales people don't mean to look like just kind of sneaks up on them.

It happens because of the usual suspects - lack of time, money, energy or resources. (has it ever happened to you?)

However, that doesn't mean much in the eyes of the customer. And they start feeling like you are a little."SCROOGEY."

What's Your Customer's Perception Of YOU?

Everything in selling is based upon perception.

You may feel you're offering tremendous value to your customers, however, if they don't feel the same way - then sister -you have a BIG PROBLEM!

So what is a girl to do?

This is a great time of year to whip together a survey and send it out to your customer base.

A great one to use is and don't be spoon-feeding your customers with questions that support your own conclusions.

Be brave!

So here's the question to end the year with...

"Are there any areas in my business where I am being greedy?"( as in a tight-fisted, less than stellar, carving corners at the sake of quality etc. kind of greedy)

If so...snap out of it!

Who says?

Wellllll...Keegan does and so does your bossy Sales Diva.
By Kim Duke

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