Wednesday, September 12, 2007

7 Safety Tips for the Office That Keep Everyone Safe

In a day and age where you are almost jaded by the multicolored security alerts that are displayed on the television news every day, it is not surprising that safety notices posted at work are quite often also disregarded or not even read anymore. New hires are required to read a safety manual and sign on the dotted line that they read and understood all of the instructions given, but when push comes to shove, it is anyone's guess if they are not only willing but also able to follow the proper safety precautions and procedures. In addition to the foregoing, after a few months or even years, much of what was read in the early days of employment is forgotten.

As an employer who has to shoulder the insurance payments, it is not at all surprising that you might be wondering how to keep everyone safe at the office. After all, you do not want to waste valuable time with more safety meetings than are absolutely necessary, but at the same time you want to make sure that you have protected yourself against any claims of liability. To this end, here are 7 safety tips for the office that keep everyone safe:

1. Safety rules and procedures should be periodically reviewed. Once a year is a good rule of thumb. The odds are good that you will think of incidents that require mentioning. Upon revision of the safety rules, make sure a copy of the entire safety rules and regulations is handed out to every employee. Have the employees sign a notice that they received the book and that it is their responsibility to read it and follow all of the rules set forth in the book.

2. Have an office layout that makes sense. The coffeemaker should not be stored precariously above the copier or fax machine. Similarly, an aquarium or some plants that require watering should not be set within close proximity of any electric devices, such as computers.

3. Have emergency numbers, such as fire, police, ambulance, animal control, and the non-emergency number of the local police department taped below each phone on a laminated card.

4. Make sure you have safety equipment available. If you are operating a doctor's office where bodily fluids may expose employees to risk, or if you have an attorney's office where heavy boxes of evidence and files need to be lifted, specialized equipment that will prevent contamination or back injuries are required.

5. Prevent junk from piling up. This includes old and new phone books, boxes, and carts that may obstruct emergency exits.

6. Do not take short cuts with the electrical cords. Daisy chaining is a practice that is used to safe a buck, but in the end it may cost you a lot more than had you purchased one cord long enough to do the job.

7. Last but not least, perhaps the most important of the 7 safety tips for the office that keep everyone safe is surprisingly simple: have fire extinguishers available in strategic locations of your office.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

No Money Down and Loads Back with a Free Business Opportunity!

Interested in a free business opportunity but not sure if such dreams exist? Well, look again! A free business opportunity is a phone call or computer click away, and can change your life in a multitude of positive ways! A free business opportunity is a self-owned and self-run business that you take from the ground up. Many programs exist to get you started with your business. Some programs provide a complete business plan, leaving little to chance for you, while others leave room for your creativity and ingenuity. Regardless of which business path you take, there are some universal benefits to running a business that you will begin to reap almost immediately.

A Free business opportunity affords you an opportunity for growth as a person. You may wonder what this benefit will bring, but consider how you feel about your current job and status. Do you ever feel like you could be doing so much more with your talents? Do you ever feel like you could be so much more if only you had the room to grow? A free business opportunity offers you unlimited room for growth and exploration with no money down! Unlike expensive seminars or cross-country trips, you can begin a business and begin to learn about your strengths and minimize your weaknesses. This self-exploration may lead to further business opportunities as you discover new interests and talents you never knew you had!

A free business opportunity can also provide you unlimited self-esteem and satisfaction. You will be your own boss, and you will be the captain of the ship you own! This empowerment will help you to walk taller and be surer of yourself. You will find your decision-making skills sharpen and your ability to take risks grows as you begin to trust yourself in light of your business success.

A free business opportunity will likely mean a freer schedule. When you are the boss, you have a lot of work to do, but you get to choose when that work gets done. You can set your own schedule, set your own productivity goals, and reward yourself accordingly. This benefit takes a lot of pressure off of home business owners who do not enjoy operating according to someone else's schedule and goals. When you are your own boss, you are the only person you have to answer to!

Most importantly, a free business opportunity offer unlimited profit capacity because there is no money to lay down and eventually make back. Every dollar you make will be your own as you develop your business. This means you will realize an income you had previously only dreamed of. As you begin to make money and reinvest in your business, you will only see your coffers grow.

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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Home-Based Businesses and Careers: An Exercise in Self-Discipline

Nowadays, more and more people want to work at home. Many feel, for instance, that their lives are not fulfilling. The daily grind of waking up, going to work, going home, waking up, and going to work yet again takes a gruesome toll on countless people.

As an answer to their ambivalence towards their work, many people are now turning to the possibility of a home-based business or career, hoping that the changed working environment will effect positive changes into their life situation. However, there is an inherent danger in thinking that starting a home-based business will somehow solve all of your problems. If worst comes to worst, your troubles might actually multiply, not lessen.

Working at home is not the simple task that many imagine it to be. In fact, it can be quite difficult. Working from home will actually test the limits of your self discipline and control. There will be innumerable distractions that will present themselves to you, from washing your laundry to watching TV. At home, there is always something to do. One can choose to do chores, cook food, watch TV, listen to music, talk to a family member, and so one. Now these things are important, but they can also take away from what you are trying to accomplish as a businessperson or as a professional. Imagine how difficult it is for a mother of four to keep up a satisfactory career! She might want to build up her client base, take additional training, and write her own book. But she never gets around to it because she has to take care of the children. She has to wake them in the morning, prepare meals, take them to school, fetch them from school, clean up the house, get groceries, and so on. As long as she is in the house, and not in the office, there will always be demands on her time, demands that are probably not compatible to her goals of advancement.

So before you take the leap into starting a home-based business or career, stop for awhile and think. What do you really want to accomplish here? What are your goals? What do you intend to do and give to accomplish those goals? If you are determined on making your home-based venture work, then you will need to exercise plenty of self-discipline. It is hard enough to really work when you are in the office; it will be twice at hard at home! No one will be supervising you and monitoring you; you must pace yourself. It will be difficult at first, but as you go on you will soon find that it is getting easier and easier to do your work. Decide today that you will make the most effective use of your time in order to grow your venture.

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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Surveying the Best Online Auction Sites

What should one look for on a search for the best online auction sites? If that means looking for the best-known auction sites, then one would need to put e-bay at the top of the list. E-bay has achieved a definite notoriety. E-bay obtained its notoriety for a number of reasons.

E-bay is the auction site selling the most items. E-bay also offers the most categories. The items to be auctioned are categorized for the internet user. That internet user can find a number of specialty sites on e-bay, as well as several regional sites. This combination of specialty and regional sites has helped to make e-bay one of the best online auction sites.

E-bay is said to be the brainchild of an Iranian-American, someone living in southern California. While this writer has no proof of that fact, she does know that Iranians love to bargain. About ten years ago she arranged for a group of adults and children to play a party game. It involved the auctioning of certain items. The Iranians at that party really enjoyed that game.

Another popular online auction site is offers the site user access to its “My Page” service. The site user who uses “My Page” can put all of his or her auction activity in one spot. This service has gained favor among those who like to place bids at several auction sites during one single online session. It has helped to place in the category of “best online auction sites.” also has another popular offering. Its main page displays the names of the auction sites that are about to close. This feature is not found at the other auction sites. It illustrates why a survey of auction sites reveals that is judged to be one of the best online auction sites. has shown itself to be a very different sort of auction site. Unlike the other auction sites, is not after any sellers. Why other sites invite sellers to offer items for sale, buys large numbers of items from various close-out deals. then sells those items in reserve auctions.

The popularity of many online auction sites will no doubt grow, as those sites become more familiar to the average internet user. Yahoo Auctions, MSN Auctions and Auctions are already approaching the popularity of the most favored auction sites. As more internet users sell or buy items on those three sites, then they too will probably earn sufficient status to belong among the best online auction sites.

Perhaps other, newer auction sites will soon make an appearance. Perhaps some future auction site will offer all of the best features from the above-mentioned sites. Such a site would undoubtedly deserve to be called “best.”

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Monday, June 11, 2007

Avoiding Home Business Scam Spam

There are thousands of work-at-home scams floating around on the Internet, and probably half that number of websites trying to warn you about them. However, there are still people out there making money from working at home. How do they manage? By having experience and taking advice. After researching several sites that warn against the dangers of work-at-home scams, here is a list compiled of the top three tips for avoiding home business scams.

1. Do some research on the company when you are approached with a home business opportunity before you do anything else (except reject it completely). Where are they located? What services or products do they provide? Can they provide you with references from both customers and existing employees? Be leery if they use a free website provider and/or free email service. Also, browse search engines for reports of home business scams.

2. Be apprehensive when home-based businesses claim you can make hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. Sure, there are people out there who make that kind of money running their own businesses, and yes, those businesses are sometimes operated from their homes. They’re called doctors, not envelope stuffers.

3. Run screaming if a home business opportunity comes your way but claims you need to purchase any kind of materials to get started. Even if it’s just five dollars for your share of the web space. Don’t do it. Wal-mart doesn’t make its employees purchase those little smiley face buttons, do they? I think not.

These tips for avoiding home business scams can help you in keeping yourself safe, and even in starting your own home business if that’s something you’d like to do. Be completely professional on every level, don’t lure employees by making false promises, and don’t ask them to pay for anything they would need to be employed by your home business and you won’t end up on a list somewhere of tips for avoiding home business scams.

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