Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Surveying the Best Online Auction Sites

What should one look for on a search for the best online auction sites? If that means looking for the best-known auction sites, then one would need to put e-bay at the top of the list. E-bay has achieved a definite notoriety. E-bay obtained its notoriety for a number of reasons.

E-bay is the auction site selling the most items. E-bay also offers the most categories. The items to be auctioned are categorized for the internet user. That internet user can find a number of specialty sites on e-bay, as well as several regional sites. This combination of specialty and regional sites has helped to make e-bay one of the best online auction sites.

E-bay is said to be the brainchild of an Iranian-American, someone living in southern California. While this writer has no proof of that fact, she does know that Iranians love to bargain. About ten years ago she arranged for a group of adults and children to play a party game. It involved the auctioning of certain items. The Iranians at that party really enjoyed that game.

Another popular online auction site is UBid.com. UBid.com offers the site user access to its “My Page” service. The site user who uses “My Page” can put all of his or her auction activity in one spot. This service has gained favor among those who like to place bids at several auction sites during one single online session. It has helped to place UBid.com in the category of “best online auction sites.”

UBid.com also has another popular offering. Its main page displays the names of the auction sites that are about to close. This feature is not found at the other auction sites. It illustrates why a survey of auction sites reveals that UBid.com is judged to be one of the best online auction sites.

Bidz.com has shown itself to be a very different sort of auction site. Unlike the other auction sites, Bidz.com is not after any sellers. Why other sites invite sellers to offer items for sale, Bidz.com buys large numbers of items from various close-out deals. Bidz.com then sells those items in reserve auctions.

The popularity of many online auction sites will no doubt grow, as those sites become more familiar to the average internet user. Yahoo Auctions, MSN Auctions and Amazon.com Auctions are already approaching the popularity of the most favored auction sites. As more internet users sell or buy items on those three sites, then they too will probably earn sufficient status to belong among the best online auction sites.

Perhaps other, newer auction sites will soon make an appearance. Perhaps some future auction site will offer all of the best features from the above-mentioned sites. Such a site would undoubtedly deserve to be called “best.”

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