Monday, June 11, 2007

Avoiding Home Business Scam Spam

There are thousands of work-at-home scams floating around on the Internet, and probably half that number of websites trying to warn you about them. However, there are still people out there making money from working at home. How do they manage? By having experience and taking advice. After researching several sites that warn against the dangers of work-at-home scams, here is a list compiled of the top three tips for avoiding home business scams.

1. Do some research on the company when you are approached with a home business opportunity before you do anything else (except reject it completely). Where are they located? What services or products do they provide? Can they provide you with references from both customers and existing employees? Be leery if they use a free website provider and/or free email service. Also, browse search engines for reports of home business scams.

2. Be apprehensive when home-based businesses claim you can make hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. Sure, there are people out there who make that kind of money running their own businesses, and yes, those businesses are sometimes operated from their homes. They’re called doctors, not envelope stuffers.

3. Run screaming if a home business opportunity comes your way but claims you need to purchase any kind of materials to get started. Even if it’s just five dollars for your share of the web space. Don’t do it. Wal-mart doesn’t make its employees purchase those little smiley face buttons, do they? I think not.

These tips for avoiding home business scams can help you in keeping yourself safe, and even in starting your own home business if that’s something you’d like to do. Be completely professional on every level, don’t lure employees by making false promises, and don’t ask them to pay for anything they would need to be employed by your home business and you won’t end up on a list somewhere of tips for avoiding home business scams.

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