Thursday, December 7, 2006

Overcoming Sales Objections, Could The Golden Rule Be Wrong

When I think overcoming sales objections, I often think of the golden rule. You may ask, what does the golden rule have to do with overcoming sales objections? Well, I think there is a very tight relationship between the golden of rule and overcoming common sales objections.
When you think about handling sales objections, you should think of the golden rule. Here's what I mean.

How would you feel if you found out that a basic truth that you've believed since you were a child wasn't exactly true?

What would think if you found out that the golden rule, or at least the way you learned it, is wrong?

We all know the golden rule. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Isn't that what we have been told all of our lives? When we are dealing with common sales objections from our customers, it would be good to look at the golden rule, but maybe not in the way we were taught when we were kids.
I would suggest that the happiest, most successful, most fulfilled people we know don't follow the golden rule as we've been taught it! And these people rarely have to overcome sales objections.
Do the happiest and most successful people you know share any common traits? You know the people I'm talking about. People with genuine success and true lifelong relationships.
Do they share common traits? I bet they do, although probably not the traits you would expect.

What traits do they share?

1)They are very good listeners.
Yes, they listen, but what does that have to do with overcoming sales objections?
Successful people focus on you as you speak. They are truly interested in what you have to say. These successful people treat you in ways that make you feel comfortable and relaxed around them. They always try to understand how you process and absorb information.
They give you information in ways that are helpful to you. Think about it. Aren’t our most common sales objections nothing more than pleas for more information? These folks speak to you in ways that make you feel important and appreciated.
If you listen to your customer when you talk, they will tell you how to overcome common sales objections.

2)They ask you lots and lots of relevant questions!
Yes, but you may ask, but how does that help with handling sales objections?
Well, don't you hate people who are always telling and never asking?
Very successful people ask you questions and they actually listen to your answer. They listen twice as much as they talk. When you listen, your customer tells you what his sales objections are. Knowing this in advance is very useful in overcoming sales objections.

3)They take specific action based on what you have told them.
Very successful people prove they listen by treating you and your views with the respect you deserve. Overcoming sales objections has everything to do with treating people with respect.
We all feel comfortable with people who understand our feelings and how we think. We all want others to know and understand what is important to us. When we understand our customer’s feelings and understand how they think, we can overcome common sales objections before they are even brought up by the customer.

So, here is how you use the true golden rule to overcome sales objections, or even better never hear your common sales objections.
Seek to understand before you seek to be understood. I discovered this truth when I was just beginning my career. I was talking to the owner of a small business about my product. I told him all of the benefits and features my product provided.
At the end of my call, the business owner told me he really liked my presentation. He only had one question for me. This question really made me take a look at how I worked with my customers.
What was his question? 'What is this product going to do for me'? I realized that based on our conversation so far, I truthfully couldn't answer his question.
Since I did not even ask the business owner any questions, I was not ready for this very common sales objection. I hadn't even asked him enough about his business to understand how our product would benefit him specifically. I certainly didn't understand his emotional state or his problems. I should have known the business owner would object to that type of arrogance.
That moment changed my view of the world. I knew from that moment forward I must first concentrate on understanding the needs and wants of my customer before I would be able to help him understand how my product would benefit him.
Since this time I have used an alternative version of the golden rule. This new 'golden rule' has lead me down the path of success and happiness.
My golden rule is 'do unto others as they would like done
unto them'. As a result, I rarely have to overcome sales objections. My customer overcomes the objections for me before they ever come up.

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