Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Business Opportunities in the Growing Pet Industry

As commutes to regular nine to five jobs get longer and longer, and the competition becomes more and more intense, people are finding creative ways to make supplemental income. One way that has become increasingly popular is through pet services and pet products. It is a fact that Americans are crazy about their pets. Because people are having children later, we consider our pets our children and spoil them accordingly.

If you love animals, working with pets may be a way for you to make some extra money from home. An example of this is to make dog biscuits or cat treats and sell them straight from home. The start-up cost is not very big and if you enjoy cooking, this idea could be perfect for you. People love spoiling their pets with gourmet treats, and with the growing concern about health, you could really strike it rich with this idea.

A second popular example is opening your own petsitting service. This home-based business is really exploding as people realize the benefit of keeping their pets in their own environment when they go away. Again, the start-up cost for this is very low and this could be a great source of supplemental income for you. In marketing, stressing the fact that it can be traumatizing for pets to be boarded in kennels is key. In addition to this, advertising that making your home looked lived in while they are away is safer for residents is a big pull.

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